Internships for students

The Animal Nutrition Experimental Centre in Gorzyń is a place of professional apprenticeships for students from agricultural universities, in particular for future animal specialists and veterinarians. The Centre has 6 accommodation places, which are available to students for free for the internship period. Students at the Centre can also complete a diploma thesis in the field of poultry nutrition, pig nutrition and carry out research on exotic birds.

The numerous species of birds kept at the Centre for agritourism allow veterinary and animal science students to see the largest collection of gallinaceous and waterfowl poultry breeds in Poland.

Practical knowledge gained at the Centre will help to improve the professional qualifications of future animal technicians and veterinarians.

Students interested in apprenticeships at the Centre are asked to contact the Animal Technician of the Centre - Piotr Lubik, mobile: +48 605 408 258