The Animal Nutrition Experimental Centre in Gorzyń carries out nutritional tests on poultry and swine for interested clients. Based on our own facilities adapted to conducting animal research, we offer a wide range of services:

•         Growth/production research and studies

•         Digestibility research and studies

The research facilities of the plant are, among others, an experimental henhouse with an area of 1,200 m2, used for nutritional tests on gallinaceous poultry (adult and growing); specialized building for research on waterfowl poultry; piglet house; a piggery with individual pens for growth tests and rooms for balance tests.

The research centre has three rooms for carrying out growth tests on broiler chickens (480 chickens per room), two rooms for research on laying poultry (individual and group cages). The piglet house is equipped with 52 individual pens for swines.

The research centre conducts tests with the use of feed entrusted or feed produced in a feed mixing plant located on the premises of the centre.


Price list for services and orders

Due to the individual nature of most research problems, the price of each order is determined separately and sent to the client in the form of an offer via e-mail. For the valuation of the order, please contact our employees directly.